6 persons born in North Dakota


Ref.# Name Father Mother Born City/place
Danielson Ada     1916 Alexander...
Danielson Clara     03. maj. 1895 Park River
01.E. Gierke Alfred Alfred Gierke Marthea Gierke 25. jan. 1920 Edmore
01.A. Gierke Baby Alfred Gierke Marthea Gierke
01.F. Gierke Earl Alfred Gierke Marthea Gierke 24. okt. 1921 Edmore
Lindecker Hope Daniel Danielson Ada Danielson 15. maj. 1950 Willston
Erwin Christensen with the children Vern, Joyce, Norma and GaryAage Gehrcke visiting Alfred in America.
He had decided to settle there, working with his brother, but due to the crisis re went back home to Denmark again.Anna Gehrcke på Svanholm Gods - Bager rugbrødEdith Gehrcke with children and grandchildrenHans Aage Gehrcke, Gudrun Balle, Mike og BoleroHans Aage Gehrcke with his first grandchild MikeHans Aage Gehrcke, Gudrun Balle, Kim og Michael
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